Creative content is one of the most pressing needs for every business with a digital presence. Through it, you show the world your business, build your brand, and tell your story.

While content is essential, as a busy entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily have the time or manpower to spend on writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, white papers, social media announcements, and the myriad other draws that bring more eyes to your website.

That’s where I come in:

As a Freelance Content Writer & Proofreader, I spend the time writing and editing so you don’t have to. We’ll work together to figure out the content strategy that works best for you and fits around your schedule. And while I may be the one stringing words together, it is all about you —

YOUR business, YOUR brand, YOUR story.

I love helping people bring their websites to life, as I did for Melissa K. of Melissa’s K9 Design, L.L.C

“Sarah has been writing for my pet grooming business for a few years now. Her work is amazing and it only gets better with time. I absolutely love what she has done for my website recently. Sarah is extremely professional and the sweetest person on the planet.”

Ready to start revolutionizing how clients see your business?

Connect with Sarah: sarah@itinerantmuse.com

Or head on over to the Contact page to request a free consultation!