Client Projects

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Did you know that, given the state of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these days, your content writer can actually damage your browser ranking success by duplicating the content they’ve created for you in their portfolio? In deference to my clients I do not post content I’ve written for them if it’s posted on their own platforms. Links, however, are perfectly safe and can serve to further promote the parent pages, so please find further examples of my professional work in the listing below…


Is Delta Mu Delta Worth It?

Written for Southern New Hampshire University (New@SNHU)

“While receiving a nomination letter from an honor society like Delta Mu Delta is a thrilling recognition of dedication and skill, you might take a look at the membership fee and ask, ‘Is it worth it?’ Let’s take a look and see what Delta Mu Delta is all about and whether it’s beneficial for you…”

Living the Framed Lifestyle

Written For GlassesUSA

“The good news is that you can pick new frames whenever you change your style or you decide you’ve outgrown that pink plastic pair you HAD to have when you were 11. The bad news is that options tend to be limited when purchasing directly from your doctor’s office. Companies like GlassesUSA make it their mission to offer the wide range of selections we really want that can grow with us and keep up with our evolving fashion sense.”

Setting Goals for Work: Planning Short- and Long-Term Career Goals

Written for Southern New Hampshire University (New@SNHU)

“Envisioning where you’d like to see yourself go in your career is the starting point for laying out a game plan for achieving your dreams. When you have a destination in mind, you can begin to plot out the milestones that will get you there, just like a roadmap.”

What is Geoscience, Exactly?

Written for Southern New Hampshire University (New@SNHU)

“Borrowing perspectives, processes and frameworks from other scientific disciplines like chemistry and physics, geoscience allows you to study the nature of our planet and the issues that threaten it through multiple lenses.”

B2C Communication

Price Increase Strategy for Melissa’s K9 Design Pet Salon, L.L.C.

Written & designed for Melissa’s K9 Design Pet Salon, L.L.C.

As a mature business, Melissa’s K9 Design Pet Salon, L.L.C. decided to raise their grooming prices to reflect the professional development and achievements their team had undergone in the previous 4 years. Working through social media, text messaging, and web copy, I provided and am assisting in the execution of a strategy for informing the salon’s clientele of the changes. It is a delicate balance between putting an important update into effect while maintaining positive relations with those who are most affected. The strategy is geared to provide advanced notice of the price increase so that the clients have time to ask how they may be impacted prior to their pet’s next appointment.

Guest Blog Posting

All the Help You Can Get: How to Find the Guidance You Need to Start Your Dream Business

Written for

“If you have the hunger and the dream pushing you onward, then you’ve got the most important parts covered. Now, you just need to find those who will help you navigate the journey – no pixie dust required!”


Five Things to Consider Before Designing Your Logo

Written for Forward View Consulting

“A logo is a basic part of formulating a brand’s identity. As important as a logo is, choosing a design that fits your image, mission, and embraces the story behind it can be one of the most challenging tasks you face in starting up an organization. It needs to appeal to you, but it also needs to function as a strong, recognizable symbol to your clients.”

Make Video Marketing Work for You in 2018

Written for Forward View Consulting

“2018 is the year of a new, revamped world of possibilities for video marketing. Change is disruptive, but learning the rules and adjusting your marketing strategy to capitalize on the tools available will enhance your brand’s visibility.”

Website Copy

Written for Melissa’s K9 Design Pet Salon, L.L.C.

Melissa’s K9 Design Pet Salon, L.L.C. launched in 2014 and immediately sought a digital presence, creating a branded website that would draw and inform potential clients. At the time, I assisted the project by writing bio’s for each groomer and information for the home page. Now, as a mature company with a robust clientele the website needed a revamp to reflect the growth they’d undergone. I updated the groomer bio’s, re-wrote the home page copy, re-worked the Contact page, and assisted with reorganization of the pages for clarity. Melissa and her company now have a more sophisticated website that reflects the caliber of the work she has accomplished.